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Wellbeing Weekly: Flu and COVID-19 on Collision Course, How Leaders Should Address the Looming Mental Health Crisis and Financial Wellness an Increasing Priority for Stressed Workers

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The Fear of Coronavirus and Flu Colliding in the Fall

New York Times

Could the United States face two epidemics at the same time next fall, flu and the coronavirus? The director of the CDC has expressed concerns and is urging early action to fight the flu.

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Stressed Work From HomeHow CEOs Can Support Employee Mental Health in a Crisis

Harvard Business Review

Business leaders are justifiably focused on immediate challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there’s a looming mental health crisis that is only beginning to emerge. Here’s how leaders can address it.

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How COVID-19 Could Be A Financial Wellness Springboard

Benefits Pro

Even before COVID-19, the majority of employees reported feeling financially stressed. As the pandemic further challenges workers, financial wellness initiatives are in the spotlight for organizations.  

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