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Wellbeing Weekly – Work Makes Us Sick, Words Matter in Detecting Stress and Binge Watching Our Way to Anti-Social Behavior

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Study: 64% of Employees Say Their Workspace Is Bad for Their Well-Being
HR Dive

 Apprxomiately 2/3 of employees say their job negatively impacts their wellbeing. Also, while 63% said one of their life's goals was getting fit and staying healthy, only 30% said their employer was helping them achieve that goal.

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Language Patterns Reveal Body’s Hidden Response to Stress
Scientific American

New approach to studying stress finds that changes in language may track the biological effects of stress better than how we consciously feel. Research authors suggest this finding holds tremendous promise for “understanding how psychological adversity affects physical health.”
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Is Netflix Binge Watching Causing Anti-social Behavior
Sydney Morning Herald

Australian columnist analyses the impact of binge watching on relationships with friends and family and increases in anti-social behavior.


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