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Wellbeing Weekly: Virus Accelerating Value-Based Care, Benefits Under a Microscope and Higher Steps, Better Health

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Worry 1

Healthcare Leaders Fear COVID-19's Impact Once The Storm Has Passed

Modern Healthcare

It’s becoming clear that the effects of the pandemic are going to be felt long after this storm has passed. Among the predictions from experts is an accelerated path to value-based care.

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Healthcare Benefits During Coronavirus

Human Resource Executive

COVID-19 is forcing employers to reevaluate policies and offerings, putting a spotlight on employee benefits in a way that is more needed than ever, experts say.

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Higher Step Counts Could Lower Risk Of Early Death, Study Finds

The Guardian

Researchers say that higher step counts are associated with a lower chance of death from any cause over a 10-year period. What’s more, it doesn’t take 10,000 steps per day to see the difference.

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