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Wellbeing Weekly – The World’s Worst Patients, Health Tech Comes of Age and the Link Between Processed Food and Poverty

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Americans in NY

The Worst Patients in the World
The Atlantic

Taking a deeper look at the state of health in the U.S., this writer suggests there is no big surprise why we lead the world in health spending. He says that Americans are hypochondriacs but skip checkups. They demand drugs they don’t need, and fail to take the ones they do.

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Healthcare TechHealthcare Technology in a Post-Digital Age
Managed Healthcare Executive

A new report shows that technological innovation in healthcare is skyrocketing as executives across the industry place digital technology at the forefront of their strategies.

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Home CookingCan Home Cooking Reverse the Obesity Epidemic?
New York Times

The link between poverty and processed foods is the focus of a new book that illustrates the challenge for many Americans when trying to reduce their reliance on highly processed items.

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