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Retirement Coaches Can Help Employees Plan a More Fulfilling Life After Work

Posted October 14, 2022 by CHC Wellbeing. Filed under WORK CULTURE, EMPLOYEE BENEFITS
Retirement Coaches

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Retirement is the light at the end of the tunnel for many. Individuals have dedicated years of their life to their work and now they can have some time to pursue new skills and passions, but some lose their identity in retirement. For many, all they knew was work. That's where retirement coaches come in. This benefit helps employees plan for retirement, but not just financially. They assist in helping employees start their after-work journey and find a new sense of purpose. In fact, a survey by Transamerica found that 97% of retirees with a sense of purpose considered themselves happy in retirement. A retirement coach can help individuals prepare for retirement including what they want to do with their free time, how to better their relationships and even their health. Will retirement coaches be the benefit of the future? Will we see more organizations offer retirement services to those on the cusp of their golden years? 

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Keep up with the latest news and views from CHC Wellbeing!

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