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Wellbeing Weekly: Mindfulness as Medical Treatment, Big Tech’s Health Future and How Small Companies Are Going Big on Benefits

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Mindfulness on a Dock

Can Mindfulness Evolve From Wellness Pursuit to Medical Treatment?

New York Times Magazine

Despite growing excitement among employers and clinicians about the potential for mindfulness to treat or support therapies for a host of serious conditions, it is proving hard to quantify and prove the real impact of mindfulness techniques.

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Computer and Stethoscope

Big Tech Wants in on Healthcare. What Could Go Wrong?

Los Angeles Times

LA Times business columnist poses the question: Will tech giants perform wonders that were never anticipated by existing healthcare stakeholders, or is their growing involvement the end of privacy as we know it?

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Small Business

Why Small Businesses Are Banking on Better Benefits


New solutions and technologies are allowing small companies and startups to close the gap on benefit package offerings and compete for talent with larger organizations. This is a trend that has potential to level the playing field for recruiting and retention.

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