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Wellbeing Weekly – Millennials Up at Night, Americans Want Wellbeing & New Diabetes Device Breakthrough

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Why Stress Is Keeping So Many Millennials Up at Night – Literally

A new survey shows most millennials spend more than four hours a day stressed out, and 71 percent wake up worrying about something at least three nights a week. The biggest stressors? Money and work.

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Meredith Launches Wellness Brand, 'Strive'
Publishers Daily

Meredith Corp. is launching a wellness and health vertical called Strive, in response to growing demand for wellness content among its national readership base. The move suggests more Americans are interested in learning about their wellbeing. That could be a positive trend for employers who can effectively engage their populations.

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A New Era for Diabetes Patients: FDA Clears First Prickless Blood Sugar Monitor

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the first-ever continuous blood sugar monitoring device that doesn't require patients to prick their fingers and collect samples.

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