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Wellbeing Weekly — Millennials Stressed about Finances, Food Environment Fueling Obesity, Meditation & the Working Brain

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Financial WellbeingMillennials Spend A Big Part of Their Work Day Stressed Out By Their Finances
Money Magazine

We know that most Americans are stressed about finances. An increasing number of people are admitting that financial fears are negatively impacting the way they work. In a new study, 67% of millennials said financial worries affected their productivity and focus at work.

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Physical WellbeingObesity Rates are Skyrocketing, and Dietitians Say a Key Factor May Be to Blame
Business Insider

Obesity rates have doubled across the globe over the last 30 years, with the US leading the way. A new study highlights the influence our “food environment” has on this trend, including the lack of access most Americans have to healthy foods.

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Emotional WellbeingHow Meditation Benefits the Working Brain
Huffington Post

More employers are realizing that a regular meditation practice reduces stress and anxiety in the brain and can positively impact the productivity of their workforce. This article breaks down the science of meditation and its impact on the working brain.

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