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Millennials and Gen Z Want More Than a 401(k) for Retirement Savings. They Want Crypto.

Posted November 11, 2022 by CHC Wellbeing. Filed under FINANCIAL WELLBEING, EMPLOYEE BENEFITS
Gen Z Remote Work

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With more Millennials and Gen Z's entering the workforce, views on financial benefits have changed. The traditional 401 (k) just doesn't seem to be cutting it anymore for this new group of workers. Many are exploring different avenues for retirement savings, such as cryptocurrency and online trading apps. While many organizations may not be able to offer crypto as a benefit yet, it has opened the eyes for many that 401 (k) plans aren't a one size fits all approach to retirement savings anymore. Will we start to see more unique financial benefits being offered to employees? If so, what new benefits will be available?

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Keep up with the latest news and views from CHC Wellbeing!

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