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Wellbeing Weekly – Mental Health Issues for All Ages, Restaurants as Missing Link in Fight Against Obesity and Gender-Specific Effects of Diet Choices

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Mental Health Issues Impacting Millennials, Baby Boomers and Just About Everyone, New Research Shows 
Employee Benefit Advisor

The results of a new analysis show mood and anxiety disorders, especially on an aggregate scale, are not a new or trendy condition only reserved for younger adults.

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Restaurants Have Gotten a Hall Pass on Obesity, and It Must End 

A food industry expert says restaurants are one of the most important “missing links” in the fight to reverse obesity.

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Diet Impacts Women’s Wellbeing More than Men’s Study Finds 
The Independent

One of the few studies to examine gender-specific effects of diet choices shows that women need greater levels of nutrients in their diet to support their emotional wellbeing.

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