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Wellbeing Weekly – It’s a Pain to Lose Sleep, AI Reshaping HR and Invisible Labor Taking Its Toll on Women’s Wellbeing

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Why It Hurts to Lose Sleep
New York Times

In a new sleep-lab experiment, researchers found that a single night of sleep deprivation reduced a person’s pain threshold by more than 15 percent and left a clear signature in the brain’s pain-management centers.

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Post65_AIHow AI Is Reshaping the HR, Benefits Space
Employee Benefit News

Artificial Intelligence continues to reshape the HR and benefits space in meaningful ways. One expert predicts what’s next for AI + HR.


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Post65_mothersInvisible Labor Taking A Toll on Mothers’ Wellbeing
Good Morning America

Researchers document the impact of caregiving and household responsibilities for women. Stress and lack of life satisfaction were among the negative impacts to wellbeing that were observed.


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