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How to Get Employees to Head Back to Their Primary Care Doctors

Posted May 05, 2023 by CHC Wellbeing. Filed under WELLBEING, EMPLOYEE BENEFITS
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Regular primary care is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It has been linked to many benefits including better health, increased productivity and long-term healthcare savings. Yet, many employees do not have a primary care physician. A recent study, conducted by One Medical, found that 55% of respondents had difficulty navigating the healthcare system. Additionally, 38% of respondents stated that they had difficulty figuring out costs and 33% had trouble making an appointment with a provider. With primary care benefits both the employee and employer, many are left wondering what else organizations can do to help support their people. Regular communication about benefit offerings is one of the most important ways employers can assist their people. 

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Keep up with the latest news and views from CHC Wellbeing!

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