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Half of Employees Have Lied About the Reason for Their Mental Health Day

Posted June 02, 2023 by CHC Wellbeing. Filed under EMPLOYEE BENEFITS, MENTAL HEALTH
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Employee Benefit News

A recent survey of over 1,000 employees found that many have considered leaving their job, yet they are not. While employees may not have left yet, additional data surrounding mental health is showing that a mass exit may be coming soon. 67% of employees say they are stressed by their jobs and 55% are anxious due to aspects of their work. While mental health efforts in the workplace have come a long way, many still do not feel comfortable discussing mental health at work. So, how can employers truly help their population? Digital health tools, the promotion of work-life balance and compensation can go a long way in supporting their workforce.

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Keep up with the latest news and views from CHC Wellbeing!

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