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Wellbeing Weekly: Rx Prices Top of Mind for Voters, Work Burnout a Heart Risk and Cell Phones as Health Hazards

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Pharmacy Counter

High Drug Costs Outweigh ‘Medicare For All’ As Top Healthcare Issue For Voters

Los Angeles Times

While politicians debate the merits of creating a single government health plan for all Americans, most voters are focused on a more basic pocketbook issue: prescription drug prices.

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Woman Stressed

Who’s Really At Risk For Poor Heart Health Due To Work Burnout?


New research shows that individuals who regularly suffer from significant stress and exhaustion are more likely to develop atrial fibrillation.

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Woman looking at cellphone

Is Your Cell Phone Dangerous To Your Health?

Harvard Business Review

Using data from 100 hospitals in the US, researchers reviewed injuries to the head and neck related to cell phone use affecting more than 2,500 people over the last 20 years.

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