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Wellbeing Weekly – Employers Wanting High Performance Health, Obesity Bias A Widespread Issue and the Benefits of AI + Wearables

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Employers Leaning Toward High-Performance Networks, ACOs To Improve Care Access
HealthLeaders Media

Within the next three years, nearly half of employers plan on implementing high-performance networks (HPN), centers of excellence (COE) and accountable care organizations (ACO) as ways to provide quality and affordable healthcare options, according to a Willis Towers Watson (WTW) survey.

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GroupHow Doctors Can Stop Stigmatizing — And Start Helping — Kids with Obesity
National Public Radio

New research shows doctor bias toward obese patients could be preventing successful weight loss, particularly for teens and kids.

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Wearable The Health Care Benefits of Combining Wearables and AI
Harvard Business Review

A new study of patients discharged with Wi-Fi-enabled armbands to remotely monitor vital signs shows reduced readmissions and increased adherence to treatment plans. Artificial intelligence was used to analyze all patient data in real time.

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