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Wellbeing Weekly – Employers Getting Active in Battle Against Healthcare Costs, the Neighborhood Effect of Obesity and a Rebuttal to Health Benefits of Alcohol

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Large Employers Playing More 'Activist' Role in Healthcare Costs 

Employers have begun playing an increasingly "activist" role in curbing healthcare costs, a trend that is expected to accelerate next year, according to the latest survey from the National Business Group on Health (NBGH).

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Neighborhood Matters When It Comes to Childhood Obesity 
MedPage Today

In an analysis of children living in different types of neighborhoods, kids who resided in less walkable areas with fewer recreational activities had a higher prevalence of overweight and obesity compared with kids living in more environmentally supportive areas.

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No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe, Health Experts Warn 

Alcohol consumption at all levels can have damaging health implications, according to a new report. The research calls into question previous studies suggesting that drinking in moderation could have health benefits.

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