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Wellbeing Strategies Hitting the Mark for School System

Posted November 07, 2016 by CHC Wellbeing. Filed under SUCCESS STORIES

Wellbeing strategies Perrysburg SchoolsCHC Wellbeing has recognized Perrysburg Schools for its commitment to wellbeing improvement. For the past three years, the school system has partnered with CHC to implement wellbeing strategies that reduce the organization’s benchmark wellbeing risks while shaping a culture of organizational trustworthiness. As a result of these efforts, Perrysburg reports that health insurance rates have remained flat for the last 3 years. The benefits of their wellbeing strategy go beyond positive financial outcomes to include increased employee morale and fostering a positive environment at the school and with their students. Perrysburg keeps participants actively engaged through various challenges and campaigns throughout the year.

CHC Wellbeing honored Perrysburg Schools with a wellbeing award for maintaining a 75 percent participation rate for the last 3 years. Through their annual wellbeing assessment with CHC, Perrysburg has been able to detect issues sooner, which in turn creates less expensive treatments later. This process can also prevent serious diseases and save lives, while equipping employees with the knowledge they need to reach their true potential.

CHC Wellbeing congratulates Perrysburg Schools on their achievement.




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