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Making the Switch: 5 Key Questions You Must Answer When Transitioning to a New Wellness Partner

Posted July 20, 2020 by CHC Wellbeing. Filed under WORKSITE WELLNESS, Interactive Health, Wellness Transition


Sometimes, change is necessary. That’s true for life, and it’s true for corporate wellness programs. But for employers who are forced to make a switch to a new wellness vendor, the process can be painful. You’ve worked hard to drive engagement and build momentum for wellness within your organization. Your next move needs to the right one. But finding the right answer means you have to ask the right questions. If you are actively transitioning to a new wellness provider, here are five issues you must address.


Do They Know Where You’re Coming From?

Is your new potential partner intimately familiar with how your previous vendor operates? Have they helped other groups migrate from the same vendor? The more insight they have on your previous vendor’s products and services, the more seamless the transition will be. Even when your new partner is offering a comparable set of capabilities, there will ultimately be a wide range of differences. For instance with a wellness screening, you could see different onsite protocols, screening minimums and inconsistent scoring methods for participant results. If your new partner has a formal transition plan that is specific to your previous vendor, that can be a significant advantage for you. 



Are They the Right Fit?

There is a reason you are in the market for a new wellness vendor. Promises weren’t kept. Engagement didn’t happen. Service wasn’t satisfactory. Or as we’ve seen with Interactive Health in recent weeks, your vendor suddenly is no longer in business. Regardless of the motivation, you can’t afford to make another misstep. From their capabilities to their culture, your new vendor needs to be a good match for your company. If your switch was unplanned, you might feel rushed to replace your previous vendor. Take a breath and make sure your new potential partner has all the right attributes. You don’t want to be in the same spot a year from now. 



Will They Listen to You?

Is your new partner empathetic to your situation, or are they focused on the opportunity to win new business? Are they taking the time to listen to what you need and work collaboratively with you to formulate a plan? Or are they trying to push an off-the-shelf solution that isn’t configured to meet your goals? This transition is a chance for you to reset your strategy and establish a positive path forward for your workforce. A good partner will see it this way as well and be eager to develop a specific plan of attack.



Are They Able to Ease Your Pain?

When you’re in transition mode, there are a lot of moving parts. It can be overwhelming. After all, you probably didn’t bargain for replacing your wellness program, especially if that change is happening mid-year. Any partner you bring onboard has to take the burden away from your team. Not all vendors are equipped to provide hands-on support in times of transition. Make sure you’re working with a group that will roll up sleeves and help you with the hard stuff.



Are They Proactive and Strategic?

Is your new partner anticipating issues and helping you avoid obstacles? Are they bringing new ideas to the table? Are they advising you on best practices for transitioning to a new program and how to make the experience a positive one for your team as well as participants? You should expect your new partner to bring original thought and industry expertise to the table, in addition to supplying you with the capabilities you need.  A transition in wellness programming can be very disruptive for an organization, and for employees. You need a smart, strategic approach. Your new partner must be able to deliver on that.

If you want a seamless transition to a new wellness vendor, they have to check all the boxes above. If they can’t deliver against these requirements, there’s a better solution out there for you. Your employees need wellness now more than ever. Choose your next partner wisely.



Currently looking to make a switch with your wellness programs? CHC Wellbeing would love to answer these five questions to see if we’re a fit for your organization. Contact us here to get started.


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