Coal Mining Company

CHC Wellbeing – Client Spotlight

Coal Mining Company


  • Coal mining company

  • Midwest based

  • 400 employees, 9+ locations



This client operates both underground and surface mines, as well as multiple coal processing plants. The company chose to partner with CHC Wellbeing to develop a wellness strategy that could effectively support the highly unique needs and challenges associated with a coal mining workforce.

These challenges include the fact that miners have limited time to complete screenings and participate in other aspects of a wellness program, and many are not tech savvy, which requires a higher-touch approach.



CHC helped the company deliver a high-touch wellness program that includes onsite biometric screenings and ongoing support through a member portal and regular educational opportunities.

We partnered with the internal HR team to prioritize appointments for crews based on shift times and offered paper registration forms and printed results for miners who preferred that modality.

Over time, CHC helped the company advance their approach to wellness incentives as well, moving from no incentive in year one of the program to a healthcare premium differential model in year three.



In recent years, the company has seen participation grow from 37 percent to 98 percent, which is a result of quality program execution, high participant satisfaction and a richer financial incentive. During this time, benchmark wellbeing risks have been reduced by almost 20 percent and their preventive care metrics have improved significantly. 


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