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Wellbeing Weekly – Obesity Dulls Your Buds, Lack of Social System Adds Weight to Health Issues and Questions on the Smartness of Personal Health Technology

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Obesity May Rob the Tongue of Taste Buds, Study in Mice Finds 
CBS News

New research shows that obesity might dull taste buds, a finding that is fueling the theory that people could be making up for weakened taste by turning to higher-calorie foods or generally eating more.

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The Obesity Battle: What You Eat, How You Think 
Voice of America

Some experts suggest weakened social support systems are pushing many people toward weight problems as they turn to food to help them deal with pressures of everyday life.

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Like It or Not, Personal Health Technology Is Getting Smarter 

As the proliferation of connected health devices rages on, experts are debating pros and cons of the consumer health technology explosion.

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