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Wellbeing Weekly – Mindfulness Drives Creativity, Growing Concerns of Cellphone Radiation and the Social Loss for Smokers

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How to Use Mindfulness to Increase Your Team’s Creativity 
Harvard Business Review

Research shows a short period of mindfulness training can have a positive impact on the creative output of workplace teams. HBR offer tips on how to put mindfulness in action to drive creativity.

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Yet Another Reason for Your Kids to Unplug? Health Risks from Cellphone Radiation 
Environmental Working Group

Research from the National Toxicology Program reveals troubling evidence that cellphone radiation could cause brain and heart cancer, raising the level of concern for kids and their increasing screen time.


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Smokers Who Quit Relapse Because They Crave Feeling Part of a Group 

A new study suggests that smokers relapse not only because of nicotine cravings, but also a longing for lost social identifies.

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