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Wellbeing Weekly – Mental Health Is a Major Expense, Chronic Disease Is a Healing Issue and Compassion Drives Productivity

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Anxiety Is Expensive: Employee Mental Health Costs Rise Twice as Fast as All Other Medical Expenses 

Employees wrestling with mental health issues make six times as many emergency room visits as the overall population, according to benefits consulting firm Willis Towers Watson.

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Chronic Diseases Driven by Metabolic Dysfunction 
Science Daily

Medical researchers are now suggesting that chronic disease could be the consequence of the natural healing cycle becoming blocked, specifically by disruptions at the metabolic and cellular levels.

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Researchers: Compassion from Managers Boosts Employee Productivity 
HR Dive

Managers who show compassion to subordinates nearly always improve workers' performance, especially when that compassion is coupled with clear goals and benchmarks, says new research by Binghamton University, State University at New York.

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