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Wellbeing Weekly — Healthy Workers More Productive, Headsets for Weight Loss, Wellness Spending Spree

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Healthier Workers Are More Productive, Study Finds
Wall Street Journal

A recent study shows the link between improved wellbeing and employee performance. The findings suggest that healthier workers are, in fact, more productive.


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Modius: Could This Wearable Wellness Gadget Really Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting?

A headset for losing weight? That’s the latest foray of wearables into the wellbeing space. This raises big questions on the proper role of technology in support of healthy habits. 

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The Big, Booming Business of Wellness
SELF Magazine

Americans are buying wellness, including yoga and meditation, expensive juices and supplements and even week-long retreats. But how do we ensure that wellness isn’t an elitist movement? Employer-based programs for wellbeing improvement are more important than ever.

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