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Wellbeing Weekly – AI for Early Cancer Detection, Poor Finances Erode Physical Health and Linking Risk Factors with Employee Wellbeing

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Artificial Intelligence Can Be Weapon in Cancer Fight, PM To Say 

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans to use emerging technologies to cross-reference patient genetics, habits and medical records with national data so that cancer can be easier to detect in its early stages.

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The Next Frontier in Workplace Wellness: Financial Health 

A new study found that a quarter of U.S. workers said financial worries caused them health problems. It’s no wonder financial wellbeing is becoming a requirement for supporting the overall health of workers.

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New Study Aims to Understand Workplace Wellbeing 

A longitudinal study in New Zealand will identify psychosocial risk factors in workplaces and determine how those risk factors impact employee wellbeing and organizational performance.


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